She comes from a family consisting of ten girls. Some of them got married; some did not survive long enough. When their father passed away, someone had to protect the rest of the family... She was ten years old when she took an oath dating back to medieval times. Ever since, she has been living and acting like a man.  Kiamile is a "Burrnesha", one of the last "sworn virgins" of the Balkans. She is also the protagonist of the Sotiris Danezis’ new War Zone documentary, airing on Mega TV on Thursday June 30, at 24.00.

"If we had a brother in our family, I wouldn't have to remain like this. I was just a little child when I got dressed like a man. And I told my relatives 'please let me know if I am wrong, and if I have, come kill me'. They all stood back... Once upon a time, guns were 'singing' for far less important reasons than this one...", an elder woman says. According to experts, she is an example of a rare social and anthropological phenomenon.

According to British professor of Anthropology, Antonia Young "she is neither a woman, nor a man; she is 'in-between'. This has nothing to do with homosexuality or bisexuality".

In War Zone's new documentary, Ioanna Louloudi and cameraman Dimosthenis Ioannou, travel to Northern Albania, seeking the "heroines" of a shocking humanitarian adventure that is fading in time and in the medieval tradition of this mountaineer civilization...