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A COMPLEX WORLD - Photography Exhibition of Sotiris Danezis

A COMPLEX WORLD - Photography Exhibition of Sotiris Danezis

The Museum of Cycladic Art and Mega present from the 9th of February until the 1st of March 2009, the photography exhibition of Sotiris Danezis, creator of the "War Zone" documentary series, entitled "A Complex World".
With dispatches in more than 60 countries, the awarded journalist and documentary filmmaker reveals the silence of images that scream, faces and stories that remain still in time.

The causes of conflict, armed clashes, the victims of absurdity and violence, the violation of human rights, and faith in a better tomorrow: these are the basic axis of the exhibition, that is completed with video projections of selected War Zone documentaries and computer navigation to the history behind each picture.
In a world where crisis knows no boundaries, where the contemporary methods of transmitting information make us witnesses of events and where "virtual reality" breaks the limits of reality, in a world restless, unstable, unpredicted and complex, Sotiris Danezis’ photographs make an effort to approach legible, but also complex truths.
The Cycladic Art Museum fulfilling its social role, hosts the exhibition and invites the public to focus on issues outside its everyday life.

The Museum is obliged to propose puzzling current affairs issues and open a dialog between the audience and the creators. In this context the Cycladic Art Museum will offer 50% of its incomes from the exhibition to the non-governmental group PRAKSIS.

Vaggelis Ioakeimides, director of the Photography Museum in Thessalonica, is the curator of the show, which is organized with the support of the Greek Red Cross, Intersys SA, official representative of Canon in Greece, E-go.gr and PC Systems.