Since 2003, Sotiris Danezis' War Zone news-interest documentaries take their viewers to the world’s hot spots and the centre of international news developments. With emphasis placed on historical truth and a penetrative view into events, the creator and producers of the series record revealing eyewitness accounts and rare footage from a world beyond our own.

With exclusive interviews, a variety of archive footage and facts, War Zone sheds light onto the international political background of events, bringing to the surface unknown facts while narrating history in a simple and comprehensive way.

Each feature, of 60 minutes, is the result of long-term journalistic research and is characterised by cinematic narrative, quality image and detailed editing. 

In 2003 Sotirios Danezis and the series’ producers brought to Greek television the history of the Vietnam War and the war on the Falkland Islands. They recorded incredible eyewitness accounts from Rwanda’s genocide and images from post-war Iraq.

They presented everything we didn’t know about the Gulf War and the US invasion of Panama and were embedded in a First-Line unit on the 38th Parallel, on the border between North and South Korea.
In 2004 they travelled to Somalia, the only country in the World without a government and to Cambodia to meet Pol Pot’s Khmer Rouge.

They gained access to the facilities where Iran’s nuclear programme began, recorded the siege at School No.1 in Beslan and investigated the circumstances under which the Russian nuclear submarine Kursk sank.

In 2005 they presented a rare documentary on North Korea, travelled to hurricane struck New Orleans, went on a trek through the contested lands of Western Sahara and followed a group of illegal immigrants over the US - Mexico Border.

Mega Channel’s documentary series made revelations regarding cocaine and the civil war in Colombia, the war and diamond trade in Sierra Leone and a Historic documentary on the attack on Pearl Harbour.

In 2006 they recorded the horror of the so-called "war on terror" in Afghanistan, the ecological crimes taking place in the Amazon’s rainforest, the unknown story of women’s’ concentration camps in Bosnia during wartime, and the fight that young children in the mines of Congo give to survive.

In 2007 they recorded the affects of black gold to the lives of the people of the Arctic Cycle, testimonies from the protagonists of the legendary Stalingrad siege, and the efforts of self-proclaimed "prophets" in Congo to cure "child-witches".

Furthermore, they followed the first ever women UN task force in Liberia, and managed to enter Burma with tourist visas and small cameras to record images of the dictatorship.

In 2008 War Zone traveled to Angola to attend one of the most controversial beauty pageants in the world, but also to Albania, where "Kanun, the law of honor and blood" is still implemented.

The producers also traveled to the "Polygon" in Kazakhstan, to look into the history and consequences of the Soviet nuclear program, to Israel to record the reasons behind the "holiest" of wars, but also to Transnistria, the "country" you cannot find on any map.

In 2009 the series traveled to the depths of America to film the "Knights of the Ku Klux Klan", and also to the Cebu Prison in the Philippines to film the unique "Murderers' Dance". Warzone met with Gaetano Grado in Italy and presented a two-part feature on the Sicilian Cosa Nostra. The series' producers also traveled to the secret "House of Journalists" in France and to Haiti, homeland of "Cousin Zaka" and millions of starving people.

War Zone’s images and its directors of photography, Kostas Deldimos and Dimosthenis Ioannou, have been awarded with the "Best Photography" prize at the 2004 and 2008 "Prosopa" Television Awards. 

At the same awards in 2007, Sotiris Danezis received the "Best Reported Story" prize for War Zone’s feature in Afghanistan, entitled "The Return of the Taleban." In 2008 he was also presented with the Journalists’ Award from the "A.V. Botsi Institution for Promoting Journalism".

Over the last years, War Zone, directed by Dimitris Gerardis, has participated in international festivals in Greece and abroad. In 2007 and 2008 two of the series’ documentaries were selected for the official program of the Thessaloniki International Documentary Festival "Images of the 21st Century".

In September 2007, the documentary "Oogruk Means Oil" participated at the ?Athens Film Festival "Opening Nights". In March 2008, a special tribute to Sotiris Danezis and War Zone’s documentaries was organised by the 10th International Thessalonica Documentary Festival.

In January 2009, War Zone participated with the documentary "Kanun - The Law of Honor and Blood" at the "FIPA 2009", one of the most prestigious festivals for audiovisual programs in Europe. 



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